Lucky Lips

No phone cover is too big for me. I dominate them. The latest addition is the Victoria’s Secret lips. It serves multi purposes. The most obvious is the phone protection. Then there are whole list of others that include a pair of pink lips to practice your kisses on; a pair of lips you put in front of your lips when ugly boys want to kiss you and lastly it saves you the lip fillers you need to get Kylie Jenners’s lips, just place them in front of yours before every selfie.

Pucker up:

disco shorts blog 3


disco shorts blog 4


disco shorts blog 1


Disco shorts blog2


disco shorts blog 5


What I am wearing:


Top : Monaco cream off shoulder from iΔM WOMAN

Shorts: iΔM WOMAN available only in store at 70 Juta Street Braamfontein

Phone cover : Victoria Secret available only in store at 70 Juta Street Braamfontein


Crushin on fringe

It’s the quickest love affair. Me and clothes. The only time we have conflict is when my ass expands. I’m obsessed with clothes that have movement and this fringe top is just perfect for that. It’s a good idea to become one of those hand movement people in conversation in this type of top. Or to find reasons to jump. There aren’t many trampolines lying around so “bumping ” into your girlfriends is a good idea, no one does a double take when girls jump for joy when greeting each other.

White fringe 2


White fringe 1


white fringe 3


White fringe 4


white fringe 5


White fringe 6


What I am wearing:

Fringe top: iΔM WOMAN






Hi there Braam

As my readers know (all three of them- hello mom, Ritaks and Alex) , I am the latest addition to the Braam scene.  For those who don’t know, Braam is brimming with very trendy cool cats that have massive street cred. Occasionally you will spot them with a camera lens around their necks to reward them with that spontaneous epic shot that happens in the street spontaneously.

I am neither trendy or a cool cat  but in the spirit of those that habitat my new area my friend and I had a novice go at “street style”.

Look at me do cool.





Braam 3


Braam 5


Braam 4



What I am wearing:

Jacket : iΔM WOMAN


Beanie: Alexaki


The first iΔM store has opened

Beeeeeg boss news. The first of the two planned stores has opened in the place where it all began. We are now the proud fashion contributors to the block that is 70 Juta Street in Braamfontain. Come check us out.

Just to mention a few things to monitor expectations :

  1. We do not do basic
  2. We are not basic
  3. We don’t offer anything for the basic


So in conclusion, if you are anything but basic , please introduce yourselves.


We cannot wait to meet you!

Some pics to peak your interest

we are open 2

we are open braam

la rambla orange top main

Lounger jumpsuit main

Picadilly black romper

Industrial khaki romper main 2

pocahontas 2 piece knit blue main


But seriously cool threads

Follow us on insta : i_am_woman_clothing


Weather and leather

Leather has become a staple in all weather. Gone are the restrictive leather items of the jacket and hello to leather pants, shorts, shirts and skirts. I found this midi high waisted beauty at … wait for it ZARA.  I don’t have the patience to wait for the cold weather to piece it with one of my shirts so had to debut it with a crop top that I picked up next door at TOPSHOP.

I always feel extra feminine in a skirt and so decided to pair it with my brogues for a contrast. The brogues that my dad asked if I had bought for my boyfriend. I clearly have good men’s and women’s taste it seems.

leather skirt 1


leather skirt 2


leather skirt 3


What I am wearing:


Skirt: ZARA

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The bomber

Yellow may very well be my favourite colour. It’s the colour of my favourite flower : the sunflower, it was the colour of my matric dance dress and of my favourite cartoon characters the minions. I’m a proper bee towards the colour and it lead me to this bomber tweed style jacket I picked up at a sale last year in ZARA. Booooom shakalaka for sales at ZARA!  It’s fast becoming my go to and there are withdrawal symptoms when it has to go in for a wash. Kind of like my attitude towards my hair (not all blowaves are equal). Definitely a crowd pleaser, people will never lose sight of you in this!

yellow jacket 1


yellow jacket 3


yellow jacket 4


yellow jacket 5


yellow jacket 6


yellow jacket 7


yellow jacket 8

What I am wearing:

Denim dress : Valentino red

Jacket: ZARA

Clutch : YSL

The photos are taken by friend follow her: , and @redlipsnat on instagram.

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White and gold? Hit and run

I love gold. And not white gold. I never understood the purpose of buying white gold when it looks like silver and then you’ re just stupid overpaying for an item that you could have gotten in sliver. So I couldn’t resist when I saw this skirt at TOPSHOP. Yes there was a silver one but I’m a winner and winners go for gold. The first time I wore it was at night and I loved it. But when I wore it during the day I found a whole new purpose for it. It’s a proper sun reflector. Ladies this means position yourself correctly in the sun and damn you be tanning quicker then them gals next to you. Also if you encounter a situation where you see someone you ‘d rather not, or don’t want them to see you to force you into that dreaded “hello” you can again position your skirt weapon so that the sunlight reflects off into their eyes momentarily blinding them giving you enough time to make a run for it. YOU ARE WELCOME.


gold 1


gold 2


gold 3


gold 4


gold 5


gold 6


gold 7


What I am wearing:



Shoes: Charles and Keith

Shirt: market in China

Watch : Marc Jacobs

Clutch: YSL

The photos are taken by friend follow her: , and @redlipsnat on instagram.

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All I want to eat is…

I got this Tee shirt for christmas. Santa left it in my sock. He definitely knows how I like to best fill my tummy. Besides it’s more fun than having a Tee thats has “quinoa” and  “gluten free” written on which seems to be the latest lifestyle trend with a whole “eat clean” movement attached to it. I say no. I say I WILL have my hamburger with a side of fries and ice -cream for dessert.

And so here is my statement Tee, paired with my beautiful new vintage jacket courtesy Cape Town Second Time Around in Long Street. The shirt is from Zara.

hot dog1


hot dog 2


hot dog 3


hot dog 4


hot dog 5


What I am wearing:

Tee shirt: ZARA

Jacket: Second Time Around



The photos are taken by friend follow her: , and @redlipsnat on instagram.

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Easy breezy

Ah my love for the summer dress. Even more intense is my adoration for dresses that can fall like a sack. This here ladies is the bloat free dress. It hangs concealing all sorts of bumps and lumps that leave one free to select that pasta dish PLUS the chocolate mousse. And if it’s anything like mine with a halter style pull this is also a bra free item (considerations for my size and smaller).That’s right two items , the dress and underpants – of course I ALWAYS wear a pair 😉

tie dye 1


tie dye 2


tie dye 3


tie dye 4


tie dye 5


What I am wearing:



The photos are taken by friend follow her: , and @redlipsnat on instagram.

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My matador jacket

I absolutely love this jacket. I picked it up in ZARA on my travels in December so SA peeps you’re in luck, you should see it on the shelves soon. Try MANGO as well, I remember seeing similar styles there. It’s heavy, shapeless and bedazzled with jewels and sequins and is just perfect. Usually shiny items of clothing are reserved for the evening but that’s too easy (black pants/jeans and black top is the safest )but I tried it out for daywear. With loud pieces I find people try to tone it down by wearing only one other colour in the same texture. But if it’s a jacket that’s the show stopper how could you possibly survive the heat in a closed room? Sweaty foreheads are not attractive for anyone especially when make-up is involved. And wearing all black everything else in the same texture makes you look BORING. So here is my take on it. I hope it inspires screaming pieces paired with “unsafe” outfits.















What I am wearing:

Jacket: ZARA



Shoes: Vans


The photos are taken by friend follow her: , and @redlipsnat on instagram.

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